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Richard Burnside Architecture is a multidisciplinary practice near Ballymena, specialising in contemporary architecture that is simple, beautiful and sustainable, using natural, low-carbon and local materials.

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Blending contemporary and traditional Architecture

As planning consultants and architects in Northern Ireland, our designs are approached in a contemporary vernacular style, sympathetic to their locality and carefully considered in terms of budget, client aspirations and buildability. Our work exhibits beautiful materials, textural contrasts and intricate detailing. 

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Specialists in residential architecture

We will work closely with you on all manner of projects, including residential developments, bespoke dwellings, extensions, renovations and roof space conversions.

We have been operating since 2003 as planning consultants and architects in Northern Ireland, and have completed a number of high value projects across the UK.

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Case Studies

This beautiful family home comprises two traditional houses linked by a modern glazed extension, which is sympathetically designed to the surroundings, and yet light and airy within.

The dwelling was designed to give the best possible views onto the surrounding countryside, while minimising impact.

Currie House

Home extension in Northern Ireland



This luxurious Georgian-style home seamlessly connects with nature while incorporating modern energy-efficient features. The result is a well-appointed residence with a double garage, a scenic balcony, and a communal fire pit for family and social gatherings, all bathed in natural light, making it perfect for a growing family.

Granagh House

Modern extension on residential home in Northern Ireland

Over our years of work as planning consultants and architects in Northern Ireland, we have compiled a superb portfolio of work across the UK and Ireland, designing contemporary residential new builds, extensions and refurbishments. Above all, our work is client-centric, and we always work in collaboration with you, the client, contractors, and consultants, to create architecture that is sympathetic and in keeping with your ideals and the local area. 

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"We decided to convert our loft last year in order to gain more space without having to move out of the area and Richard Burnside Architecture came highly recommended.

His innovative ideas and attention to detail has transformed our loft into a beautiful area and a fantastic use of space, increasing the value of our home well in excess of the building cost. He is reliable and trustworthy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

John and Sharon




Sustainability With Future Generations In Mind

As a leading practice of architects in Northern Ireland, we are conscious of our legacy and impact for generations to come. For this reason, we take great efforts to ensure our sustainability in sourcing materials responsibly, making sure our designs are energy efficient, and that our designs fit well with the surrounding landscape.

Environmental responsibility

We are aware of the significant impact on the built environment our work causes, which contributes to resource consumption, energy use, and waste production. By designing sustainably, we can minimise the negative environmental effects of construction and operation, reducing carbon emissions, resource depletion, and pollution.

Here in Northern Ireland, we promote sustainable architecture, the efficient use of resources, including water, energy, and raw materials. By designing buildings that require fewer resources to construct and operate, we aim to contribute to the conservation of natural resources for future generations.