Contemporary residential architecture







A design method with you at its heart

Our Design Approach 

The impression that well thought-out architecture leaves on people is long-lasting and profound. It makes living itself more pleasant, more convenient, and more joyful. With your input, we will design a home that is unique to you, and befitting the location.



While considering modern design and high quality contemporary residential architecture, we also have a responsibility to design homes which have minimal carbon impact. We take this responsibility seriously. By taking into account the local geography, materials and setting, we design modern homes that are low carbon, sympathetic to the surrounding area, and elegant inside and out.



As planning consultants and architects in Northern Ireland, we believe truly sustainable architecture begins with a connection to the place and the geography. We want to make sure our work is cherished and cared for by future generations.



Our work is architecture that responds to the topography, the climate, and the local culture. Our home design service encompasses thinking about the whole natural environment. Each design is carried out with the carbon footprint, natural resources, and the long-term ecological balance in mind.

With our holistic and inclusive design process to achieve high quality contemporary residential architecture, we engage clients in ideas about what makes beautiful places, and encourages the sustainable development of our communities.





Modern family home concept in Northern Ireland


Making a great team with you

With each aspect of our design work, we ensure we collaborate with the client at all stages. If we work for you, it is ultimately your property, and we have to make sure the building works for you in every way.

We also present ideas and opportunities to the client, so they can incorporate them or discard them as they choose, creating a home with them that they can call their own.