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Established in 2003, Richard Burnside Architecture has built a reputation for combining outstanding design with the highest level of professional service.




Building a working relationship with our clients

We believe that building a trusting, communicative relationship with yourself as a client, is key to a project's successful realisation. Approaching each project, our aim is to provide a sensitive, creative response not only to the needs and aspirations of the individual client but also to the unique opportunities presented by each site.

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Modern white home and cobblestone concept in Northern Ireland




About Richard Burnside

After completing his professional education at University of Ulster, Richard worked for two leading architectural practices in Northern Ireland before setting up and establishing Richard Burnside Architecture in 2003. Specialising in residential architecture, Richard strives to create unique and distinctive spaces that exceed clients' expectations, while creating modern and innovative work inspired by clients for residential design in Northern Ireland. He brings his passion to every project maximising the potential of each commission through sophisticated design proposals.

He currently lives and works from Cullybackey with his wife, and three children, two of whom are well on their way to completing their architecture degrees and becoming architects themselves.






Richard Burnside Architecture has established and is rooted in a set of core values that shape the approach to design, client relationships, and the overall impact on the built environment.

The practice upholds a commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in every aspect of its work.


Creative Excellence 

Quality is another fundamental value, as the practice strives for excellence in craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetics.

Embracing creativity and innovation, we seek to push boundaries and deliver unique and forward-thinking design solutions.


In the process of creating high quality and bespoke residential design in Northern Ireland, collaboration is highly valued. We foster open communication and teamwork among architects, clients, and consultants, enabling a holistic and inclusive design process.



As a sole practitioner and single point of contact, Richard can establish direct and intimate relationships with clients. This direct interaction fosters better communication, a deeper understanding of client goals, and a more personalised design approach, resulting in enhanced client satisfaction.







"We approached Richard Burnside Architecture to renovate and extend our small semi-detached dwelling. The thought of configuring the space, extending up and out to the side was daunting until Richard put our mind at ease offering imaginative ideas and solutions making the most of every square inch of space.

What started out as a formidable thought turned out to be a great experience, and we couldn't be happier with the result. We can highly recommend Richard Burnside Architecture as a first class architectural team."

William and Pamela

"Living close to Richard, I asked him how we could make better use of our layout and space. After a quick look round he came up with ideas almost instantly. Richard designed a layout that would bring increased light into our dark kitchen through a configuration that works extremely well for the practicalities of a young family. He also zoned the living space from the sleeping areas and included additional bedrooms and a garage.

Now every room links so well and the entire house just flows. Without Richard and his creativity, our light filled home would just be another house. "

Ali Lennox





 Front door of two storey house in Northern Ireland